Summer Reading Book Lists

It's okay to slow down

It's healthy to forget the fact that you carry around the daily news, your mailbox, telephone, grocery list, workplace cubicle, and social life all in the small space of your pocket. Is your battery low? Oh, who cares! This summer, let's unite under the mindset that it's okay to throw off the weight of those unread texts and push notifications.


Reading cures what ails you

Reading is a tried and true way to forget the freneticism of life in 2018. As you navigate through summer, stop to smell the sunscreen, campfire embers, fresh soil, and fresh-cut grass. Feel free to amble. Take time to dawdle. Let the atrophy of boredom wash your harried mind clean of its worries.

Book Lists by LPL librarians are magical

Find a fantastically good time inside the pages of a book. Our librarians have been busy compiling lists that house your next great read. This summer, venture into nature to reunite or get acquainted with a time before gigabits and scrolling. Take one of these books with you, and you'll find that it's true: sometimes, it's okay to slow down.

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