LPL Seed Library

Lawrence Public Library’s Seed Library provides seeds and offers gardening resources for our community. In addition to providing complimentary vegetable, herb, fruit and flower seeds, we also offer a variety of related programs and events.

How Does the Seed Library Work?

1. Come to the library and select up to 5 varieties of seed.
2. For 2024, the Seed Library will be open from February 10th – April 30th (or until we run out of seeds).
3. Take your seeds home and watch them grow!

Thanks to the generosity of the Kansas Health Foundation, Cottin’s Hardware, Lawrence Feed and Farm Supply, Inc., Prairie Acres Garden Club, Native Lands Restoration Collaborative, Common Ground, Earl May, the Kaw Valley Native Plant Coalition, a LiveWell Douglas County Grant, and a Douglas County Community Fund Grant, we are able to provide free seeds to the community.

Seed Library Guiding Philosophy

The Seed Library aims to cultivate a vibrant and sustainable community by providing access to fruit, vegetable, herb and flower seeds, including plant species native to the Midwest. Rooted in the belief that every seed holds the potential for learning and nourishment, we want to empower individuals with the knowledge and resources they need to grow a thriving garden.The Seed Library isn’t meant to be a comprehensive seed source for all your gardening needs, but we do have a little something for everyone interested in growing.

The Seed Library is committed to:

  • Sustainable Seeds: The Seed Library supports sustainable gardening practices and a resilient local ecosystem; therefore, when we purchase seeds to restock our supply we invest in native species, heirlooms and open-pollinated varieties that are well-adapted to our region and climate. By investing in open-pollinated species, we encourage our community to save seeds for themselves and donate back to the Seed Library. Seed saving has many benefits including preserving seed diversity, reconnecting to agricultural practices of the past and saving money. That being said, we are incredibly grateful for the variety of donations we get from our community partners that enables us to offer a diverse collection of seeds each year. We make available to the public all seed donations we receive, including both hybrid and heirloom varieties.
  • Education: We are dedicated to providing access to information and resources to inspire gardeners of all levels of experience. Through workshops and events in collaboration with community partners, we seek to deepen our collective understanding of sustainable gardening practices, seed-saving techniques and the vital role that
    biodiversity plays in a thriving community.
  • Community Collaboration: We believe in the strength of community and actively seek partnerships with local organizations working to promote a shared commitment to health, education, sustainability, resource-sharing, and protecting our local ecosystem.
  • Accessibility: Our Seed Library is committed to providing gardening information and resources for everyone. We strive to lower barriers to the joys, health and cost-saving benefits of growing food, flowers, and herbs from seed.
  • Environmental Stewardship: By promoting plant species native to our region as well as those that do well in our climate, the Seed Library aims to encourage sustainable growing practices, natural resource conservation, and to provide habitat and nourishment for local wildlife.

By providing access to seeds, fostering community connections and promoting sustainable gardening practices, Lawrence Public Library’s Seed Library endeavors to cultivate a thriving community of growers and resource-sharers, and to be a hub of information for novice and expert gardeners alike.

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