I <3 Poetry!

Spent any time reading or writing poetry lately? April is National Poetry Month and a great reminder to us all what a great gift reading and writing poetry can be.  

Heartbroken, madly in love, at the brink of a big decision? Whether you're on fire with passion, desperately seeking inspiration, trapped in a funk, or bouncing from adventure to new adventure chances are that there's a poem out there for you!  Check out this Academy of American Poets website that truly delivers on some of the most popular poetry topics for teens!!

Struggling to find what poems that capture what you're trying to say?  Write your own!!! Destroy your old notions of grammar and conventions and remember that with poetry the rules are ALL your own!!  It's April! Unleash your inner poet! Find inspiration or how-to books in the Teen Zone.

More interested in poems in rap form? Check out our Cuee Rap Session on April 13, 2018.