We're bringing library card signups to you!

After our successful CINA in 2016–2017, we were inspired to get out into the community and help people access the library who can't usually make it to our physical location. Thus, the #getcarded remote library card signup campaign was born!

Fall 2017 brought us to a dozen different community events to spread library cheer, give out free swag, and get people in Lawrence hooked up with a library card. We saw you at KU's Eclipse event, South Middle School's iPad night, Haskell's Highlights Night, the Lawrence Beer Co. Block Party, the Hispanic College Fair, Spencer's Backyard Bash, and Colonial Resistance Day among others.

After signing up 120 people for library cards and speaking with hundreds more who were so excited to see us out and about, we're looking for more community events to come to in the Spring.

If you or your organization is hosting an event that you think would benefit from the library's presence, please contact Logan.