Community Information Needs Assessment (CINA)

We asked, you answered!

From 2016–2017, 3,178 of you responded to our Community Information Needs Assessment (CINA) survey. We’ve collected a wealth of information about our community, how it uses the library, and what we can do to improve access to our resources and services. This information is guiding us as we make changes to the library that will benefit everyone.

If you want to gain some insight into the Lawrence community, its relationship to the library, and how it uses community resources, this is the place!

If you’re from a community resource organization in town, this will provide you with an understanding of how those organizations are working together, how their patrons are using them, and the kinds of gaps they’ve identified in their services.

If you’re from an outside library and are considering conducting a CINA for your service population, this will provide you with some insight into how to successfully accomplish one.

If you’re just a data geek and want to mine through 13 pages of charts, this will keep you entertained for hours.

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