“I take requests”

Each week, Gregor hits the road in the hard-to-miss, red and white book van to bring fresh books, movies, and music to retirement communities throughout Lawrence. In April, Pioneer Ridge (4851 Harvard Road) made the 10th stop along the book van's weekly route, and, beginning June 5, Bethel Estates (2140 E. 25th Terrace) will become the…
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We’re in the Final Four!

VOTE! Lawrence Public Library has advanced to the Final Four round in a national competition for best public library and the Lawrence community can help the library make it to the playoffs next week. “Winning this round will require focus, agility, and determination, and we’re asking everyone who loves the library to do a brief finger…
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Writing Where You Live: Diverse & Literary Lawrence, Kansas

Lawrence has a vibrant, diverse literary heritage. Read on to discover notable writers connected to Lawrence and learn about local author events. If you aspire to write and share your own writing, local opportunities are included as well.  Whether you’re a reader or writer, there’s useful information for everyone.   Lawrence’s notable authors include so…
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