LPL’s Best TV of 2022

Another year has come and gone. Once again we have an end of the year "best of" media list for you.
Here are our favorite shows from 2022: 

Tricia - Annika  - I love Nicola Walker,  the protagonist in this new PBS Mystery series.  She portrays a detective who transfers back to the Glasgow police department after a long stretch south, now with a 'tetchy' teenage daughter in tow. Smart dialogue and great acting!

Becky - Ghosts-It's been a long time since something new and actually funny came along in the sitcom world. 

Mary - House of the Dragon, I had lost a lot of my interest in Game of Thrones after season 8 and this show brought it back just as strong as before, I'm obsessed!

Ruth - Alaska Daily - it doesn't seem like a cool answer but I love this show!  It's Hilary Swank as a veteran reporter (fallen from grace) who takes a job in Alaska and starts digging into cover ups and other ignored local issues.

Ian -Barry season 3 takes it for me. Sure it was dark, but boy was it good. Chickens coming home to roost and whatnot.

Adam -Abbott Elementary & White Lotus

Angela L -Succession

Max - Severance

Sage -One piece (fight me)

Sean - Bee & Puppycat - I have really enjoyed watching the newly compiled version of the TV show on Netflix with my kids.

Sarah - Pam & Tommy. I am not ashamed.

Theresa - Mr. Bean

Andrew -Atlanta

Grace - the Witcher Season 2

Kevin - Interview with the Vampire , Atlanta, The Righteous Gemstones, Barry, Succession, Station Eleven

Hannah - Vampire in the Garden

Jake C - Rings of Power and House of the Dragon - sorry non-streamers (insert sad face)

Kate -Lost

Teagan - Abbott Elementary

Therese-White Lotus (I also loved Somebody Somewhere and Slow Horses, but we don't have them)