Early Literacy

Early Literacy

Giving your child rich experiences helps to build the basic architecture of the brain, which will give them an excellent start in school and beyond.

"Early literacy" is the all-encompassing term for the building blocks children develop before their brains and bodies are ready to read. Important milestones must be achieved before a child reaches kindergarten age, when the hands-on part of reading and writing begins in earnest.

As a parent or caregiver, you are one of your child's first teachers, so it's up to you to help develop essential brain connections. No doubt, you're already doing that in many ways! Amazing things happen when you read to your child, come to storytime, play together and chat while going for a walk! Your little one’s brain is busy making connections, especially in the first three years of life. Babies are born with 100 billion neurons, but many of these neurons are not connected at first. Sensory experiences—seeing, smelling, hearing, touching, and especially tasting—stimulate connections among the cells.

LPL is here as your sidekick to assist you and your pre-reader with resources. Sometimes you need to tag-team it, and that's when we'll jump in to arm you with books your child will find entrancing or especially silly, or take over for a storytime session that shoulders a bit of your responsibility to provide enrichment experiences. You're always welcome to join us for storytimes to meet other parents and children, ask for book suggestions from Lauren or Jenny, and build up literacy skills.

Below you’ll find online resources, book lists, activity ideas, details about our Storytime at Home kits, and other helpful information.


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