Quiz: What Book Club member are you?

Do you belong in a book club? The unequivocal answer is YES! Every member of a book club is a valuable asset, from that guy who's just here for the snacks to the Type A reader who arrives with a bulleted list of discussion points clutched to her chest.  

Find out which archetypal Book Club member YOU are by taking the LPL Official Quiz™.

Get some Book Club action started with LPL resources

  • Find the whole gamut of Book Club Resources and get efforts underway corralling friends into the club you've always envisioned.
  • Join one of many already afoot at the Book Club Hub.
  • Check out Book Club in a Bag, with 10-12 books inside or get in touch with Readers' Services to secure a Kindle Bag
  • Listen to the Mother of All Book Club Podcasts starring our very own Book Squad librarians, Kate and Polli, who give you the rundown on how to get suited up, Book Club style.
    • General tips (How to choose a book your group will love or a "book they'll love to hate")
    • Specific quandaries (How personal should book discussions get? Spoiler: it depends on the group dynamics).
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