Sharing is Caring

It is not an easy task to find a good book to read or a band to listen to. And that is the reason why I am endlessly grateful to everyone who is happy to share their preferences in music, movies, and books.

I am not a big fan of sad endings, however, there are several movies that I do not regret watching. One of them is Into the Wild. I remember looking at my friend after the final scene, confused and shocked. “Wait, is this the end?” – I asked. – “Why would you make me watch something like that?” Despite the initial reaction, I enjoyed it. Was Chris McCandless brave or crazy in his desire to be free? As a bonus, several of the soundtracks by Eddie Veder made it into my playlist. The book the movie is based on is on my “to read” list for this year.

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou was something that my husband offered to watch one evening. It was an incredible journey between laughs and tears as the movie plot unraveled, exposing new dimensions of its characters. Plus, you get a chance to listen to David Bowie’s songs performed in Portuguese by Seu Jorge.

Recommendations introduced me to mockumentaries. My favorite ones (so far) are Life's Too Short and Documentary Now! featuring Fred Armisen (whom I knew from Portlandia). “Life’s Too Short” is a British sitcom following the day-to-day life of Warwick Davis, “Britain's go-to little person”. “Documentary Now!” parodies documentaries made as early as in 1922. Nanook of the North, one of the first documentaries ever made, shows the life of indigenous Inuit people of Quebec region in Canada. Episode 1.3 of “Documentary Now!” - “Kunuk Uncovered” – explores the question of depicting the truth.

As a Christmas present in 2018, I got access to Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog on one of the streaming services. I listened to the songs so many times, they made it to my Spotify year in review. You can wake me up in the middle of the night, and I will let you know that even in the darkness every color can be found…

There are so many wonderful things waiting to be discovered. Please share! Share what you think, share what you enjoy. It is such an adventure to discover the likes of another person. It creates a new level of connection that can last for years, and it can change someone's life. And if you ever find yourself not knowing what to read or watch next, the Book Squad is there to help you!