LPL’s Best Books of 2022

Nettle & Bone

"This fantasy adventure was definitely the most fun I had with a book all year. So imaginative, featuring found family and the most lovable animal sidekick ever. Very nearly perfect book in my humble opinion!" - Leah, Readers' Services Assistant

The Light Pirate

"Literary science fiction about a family in very near future Florida. Harrowing at times, but an absolutely beautiful story that I know will stay with me a long time." - Leah, Readers' Services Assistant

Yerba Buena

"After reading two of her previous books, I found myself quickly falling into her created world. The prose is simply gorgeous. Lacour's stories are darker but always underpinned with connection and hope." - Theresa, Information Services Assistant

Sea of Tranquility

"I never thought a sci fi book would land on my favorite reads list but Emily SJM can make even the most far out plot lines feel real. Most of what I could say would be a spoiler so I'll just say read it!" - Sarah, Accounts Assistant

I'm Glad My Mom Died

"A book of absolute bravery by a former child star whose abusive mother pushed her into perfectionism and eating disorders which let to OCD and alcohol abuse (among other problems). It can be a tough read at times but McCurdy brings a welcome levity to her stories while describing some profoundly dark days." - Sarah, Accounts Assistant

Fairy Tale

"I always look forward to the latest SK!" - Sage, Children's Assistant

Cat Massage Therapy

"The first volume of this manga was published at the tail (-haha, tail!) end of December 2021, but not released in English until 2022. Therefore, I think this feel-good manga about talking cats who run a massage parlor deserves a mention. From kittens who make biscuits to relieve back pain, to cats who purr to alleviate a stomach ache, this series has everything an exhausted cat lover could ask for." - Hannah, Children's Assistant


"I've always been "bittersweet" in my reading/listening/watching tastes. Give me melancholy and longing and sorrow and I'm in my element... but I'm not SAD, which is an important distinction. This books explains WHY I love what I love. An excellent, insightful read." - Polli, Readers' Services Supervisor

Embrace Fearlessly the Burning World

"Collected essays from the 1980s until the time he died two years ago, several of them previously unpublished. Introduction by the peerless Rebecca Solnit. The more Barry Lopez I read and re-read, the more awed I am and the more I respect his wisdom and relevance. Read it, and perhaps weep." - Jake, Information Services Assistant

An Immense World

"The book I enjoyed the most this past year, offering a humbling look at the unbelievable senses of all manner of earthly (including aerial and aquatic) critters. Completely absorbing, shocking, educational, and fun." - Jake, Information Services Assistant

Wild New World

"Flores, an under-appreciated historian, has written a dozen books focused on the West, always giving Native Americans and, especially, native wildlife a voice. This one goes waaay back, and thus includes animals we've never known, and covers the whole continent." - Jake, Information Services Assistant


"I couldn't put this book down. It was recommended to me because I loved the Overstory by Richard Powers. It's much shorter, but I was gripped from page 1. The author's writing is wonderful, and truly captures the descent into a near future dystopia." - Angela, Friends & Foundation Program Coordinator

The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy

"Transported me to magical wilderness Tanria. I was ridiculously invested in the plot and couldn't wait to see how Hart & Mercy got together and solved the pesky drudge problem." - Angela, Friends & Foundation Program Coordinator

The High House

"It's about the end of the world so, uh, it can be a bit of a harrowing read, but it's also a beautifully written and executed story. I found myself falling for these characters and months later, I still miss them." - Adam, Readers' Services Assistant

The Storyteller's Death

"An engaging story of resilience, this Puerto Rican generational family story is such a vivid pleasure with layers of story! Isla is coming of age, discovering some of her family's secrets, including bigotry. A suspenseful mystery, emotionally moving, and with magical realism; I anticipate reliving scenes for years to come." - Shirley, Readers' Services Assistant

Everything the Light Touches

"A timeless and lyrically wise celebration of characters deeply connected to plants, all of the living world, as well as their human relationships. Among her influences East Indian author Janice Pariat credits Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer." - Shirley, Readers' Services Assistant

Making Love With the Land

"Lyrical, candid, alchemical prose essays from this wise Oji-nêhiyaw, Two-Spirit member of Peguis First Nation (Treaty 1 - Canada). Joshua Whitehead reflects on his life experiences and the writing of his earlier coming-of-age tale Jonny Appleseed." - Shirley, Readers' Services Assistant

Easy Beauty

"Easy Beauty by locally rooted author Chloé Cooper Jones is a powerfully candid debut memoir of powerful enlightenment and a cathartic exploration of relationships, philosophy, art, aesthetics, and disability." - Shirley, Readers' Services Assistant