Social Service Office Hours

For more information, email:

Erin Reazin

Community Resource Specialist

785-843-3833 x136

Social Service Office Hours
10 AM–12 PM | Study Room 5

Get easy access to community services right here at the library. This is a drop-in service. No appointment needed.

Capper Insurance
2nd & 4th Mondays
Get help from Noelle with Medicare and Medicaid questions

Willow Domestic Violence Center
2nd & 4th Tuesdays

Lawrence Humane Society Crisis Pet Retention Program
1st & 3rd Wednesdays

The Sexual Trauma and Abuse Care Center
1st & 3rd Thursdays

Sunrise Project
1st & 3rd Fridays

Heartland RADAC
2nd & 4th Fridays

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