Ignoring Others

When you ignore another user, you do not see their comments on bibliographic records, and they cannot send you a message. Ignoring a user causes all of their comments to be screened so that they do not appear when you browse the library’s catalog.

Why Ignore Other Users?

This site provides all library members and staff with a forum to express opinions about books, DVDs and CDs they like or dislike. People’s tastes differ; there may be some opinions you would rather not read.

When you ignore another user, that user isn’t notified, nor is their ignored status viewable by anyone else. Adding someone to your Ignored Users list doesn’t affect their standing with other users at your library.

Ignoring doesn’t have to be forever. Any users you have chosen to block from your view are listed on your Ignored Users page, and can be easily removed from the list.

► To ignore a user

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. When you see a comment whose author you would like to ignore, point to their name (tap if you’re using a tablet or smartphone) and then click Ignore.
  3. A message appears that the user has been added to your Ignored Users list.

► To stop ignoring a user

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. On the menu, click My Settings.
  3. Find the user’s name on your Ignored Users page.
  4. Click Unignore User.
  5. A message appears confirming the user has been removed from your Ignored Users list.

Note: The content on your Ignored Users page is visible only to you. Your library will not share this information with anyone, under any circumstances. Please consult our Privacy Policy to learn more about how your library protects your private information.