About Your Inbox

Your Inbox displays messages you have received from other library members and staff. If you’re familiar with instant messaging on your computer, or text messaging on your cellular phone, then you’ll understand how this works.

► To view your messages

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. On the menu, click the envelope icon.

Unlike emails, these messages don’t have a subject line. Your Inbox displays the first few words of the message in the Message column.

To read a message, click the text in the Message column.

To delete a message, click its checkbox, and then click the Delete button.

If you wish, you can reply to any messages you receive from other library members or staff.

► To reply to a message

  1. Open the message by clicking the preview text under the Message column heading.
  2. In the reply box, type your message. You don’t need to pick a recipient. Your response will go back to the sender automatically.
  3. Click the Send button.

Messages you’ve sent are stored for you and displayed on the Sent Messages page. In addition to replying to messages you receive, you can send a message to any user whose name you see on the site. Just look for their name on the Recent Activitypage, or attached to comments on a title.

Note: If you receive personal messages from other members you’d rather not hear from, you can block them. When you do so, you won’t get any more messages from the person, and you will not see any of their comments or ratings on the site. When you block someone, that person is not notified you have done so.