Positive Bright Start

Positive Bright Start offers trauma-informed, Positive Behavior Support early childhood education.  Childcare tuition assistance is offered for Positive Bright Start childcare, by application, and scholarship accepted at a number of other care centers in Lawrence. To read more about the childcare program go here: https://www.positivebrightstart.org/childcare.  For more on childcare tuition assistance, visit: https://www.positivebrightstart.org/financialaid.

Positive Bright Start also offers free mental health services for children under six and their families.  Therapists trained in play therapy work with children who display behavioral concerns at childcare or at home.  These children may be experiencing grief and loss, anxiety, attachment concerns, or transitions such as divorce and foster care. We also work with children, and their families, who have a history of trauma including physical, sexual, or emotional abuse or neglect. More information on therapy services can be found here: https://www.positivebrightstart.org/playtherapy.

Additionally, Positive Bright Start is a Child and Adult Care Food Program sponsor for area in-home daycare providers. 

1900 Delaware St | 785-842-9679