Mobile Crisis Response Team

Bert Nash has fully launched their Mobile Crisis Response Team as of September 11, 2022. Mobile Crisis Response Services are short-term, face to face services designed to restore a person’s mental health functioning level to pre-crisis levels. Crisis assessment, intervention, and stabilization services are provided on-site where the individual is located. Mobile Response will respond to a person in mental health crises in the location where they are experiencing their crisis. Crisis is defined by the person but can include, and is not limited, to psychoses, suicidality, serious mental illness, substance use, and more. All Mobile Response Team referrals from the Douglas County Crisis Line will be for people who have consented to have a team sent to their location.

To access this service for yourself or a community member, begin by dialing the Douglas County Crisis Line at 785-841-2345

Mobile Crisis Response Team Availability:

  • 7 Days/Week, 8AM - 2AM

Team Composition:

  • The Mobile Crisis Response Team will be made up of four teams consisting of a therapist and case manager, and at times, a Peer Support Specialist with lived experience of mental health crises. 

How to Dial & Request this Teams Services: 

  1. Begin by calling the Douglas County Crisis Line, 785-841-2345, after reaching the Douglas County Crisis Line a counselor will complete a Mobile Response Screen, and determine if the call is eligible for Mobile Response Team Support & determine if the caller consents to Mobile Response Team Support.
  2. After that a shift supervisor from the Douglas County Crisis Line will contact the Mobile Crisis Response Team Supervisor to request dispatch and receive an estimated response time
  3. The counselor will then relay the response time and remain connected with the caller until Mobile Crisis Response arrives