Cottonwood Industries Career Training Program

The MAP program is a career training program providing employment services for people with disabilities who have difficult maintaining a job because of their disability. The disability can be on the mental health spectrum (e.g., anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder) or it can be a physical/medial disability (e.g., back pains, diabetes, arthritis) or other diagnoses. Accommodations are provided for applicants so they can maintain this job opportunity and keep any benefits they might receive (i.e., SSDI). 

  • Workers receive job skills training necessary for moving onto other employment opportunities 
  • Documentation of a medical or mental health diagnosis is required for this job opportunity. Program Manager, Alyson Wingert can help in acquiring the necessary medical documentation needed to qualify for this job. 
  • MAP workers are provided an excellent benefits package (e.g., dental, vision, etc.,) and will work in an environment that supports their accommodations necessary for maintaining success & employment

If you would like to submit an application, please contact Alyson Wingert at 785-842-0550 or by email at She can also answer any questions, or concerns you might have, as well as give you a tour of the facility before you apply!