Kansas Legal Services

Low-cost legal services on a slide-scale fee. Kansas Legal Services provides mediation services in a wide variety of cases; legal assistance is also provided for the following matters: consumer/finance, housing, education, juvenile, employment, elder law, income maintenance, family issues, health, and individual rights. Clients can file for legal assistance over the phone or through the online application. 

  • mediation services offered on a sliding scale fee
  • civil legal advice & representation provided at no cost or at a reduced price to income eligible persons 
  • KSL cannot answer questions or give legal advice until their is an application on file. Statewide intake number is 800-723-6953
  • if KSL cannot provide legal assistance they will do their best to connect you with appropriate legal resources based on your situation via a lawyer referral. 

712 S. Kansas Ave, #201, Topeka KS | 785-354-8531