Heartland RADAC

Heartland RADAC provides an array of services to individuals confronting alcohol or substance abuse, as noted below: 

Intensive Case Management Services (ICC) Team

Heartland RADAC provides Intensive Care Coordination Services (ICC) for individuals with mental health issues (stress/situational anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, etc.,), and/or substance use (now or in the past). Does not have to be both to get referred. This is short term case management, intended to last for 3 months - 6 months. 

The Intensive Care Management Program is county funded meaning their is no wrong referral. If a client has high medical needs, is unhoused, etc -- this is an appropriate reason to make a referral to the ICC Team.  

Intensive Case Management/Care Coordination services are intensive in nature for individuals with substance use and/or mental health issues, who access high cost resources like emergency departments, in-patient psychiatric hospitals, crisis centers and State hospitals. This service focuses on risk reduction and stabilization, while working to connect individuals with appropriate resources that support healthy living within a community setting. 

Please call at 913-789-0951 (Main Office Line) to schedule an assessment or receive a referral. If no one answers leave your name, phone number & a brief message expressing your needs and/or desired services.