DRC Rehousing Assistance Fund

The Disability Rights Center of Kansas has a Disability & Aging Crime Victims Unit that may be able to provide rehousing assistance. They have some money available to help people with disabilities who have been victims of crime. This money is to help people who had to leave where they lived because it wasn't safe anymore. This money can also be used to help make your home safe again after a crime. 

The DRC has staff who are available to assist crime victims with a disability who need assistance dealing with the ramifications of being a crime victim. There is no income test and all services come free of charge.


  • Must be a Kansan with a disability who has been the victim of a crime
  • Or must be an elder / senior who has been the victim of elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation 
  • The crime made the place you live or used to live unsafe and you still do not have a safe place to live 

What can Assistance Cover

  • One year of rent (can't be used for security deposits) 
  • One year of utilities 
  • Other things that you might need during this time, like counseling services or childcare 
  • Changes or repairs to make your home safe again 

How to Apply & Hear More 

  • Contact the DRC call line at 785.273.9661 and request to speak to an advocate 

214 SW 6th Ave, Ste 100, Topeka, KS 66603 | 785.273.9661 | info@drckansas.org | www.drckansas.org