Readers' Services Assistant Mom of three, dreamer, hustler, reader and consumer of all entertainment. High fantasy and historical fiction are my best-loved but I will read anything, especially on the recommendation of a fellow bibliophile. I love doing the coolest work, at the coolest place, in the coolest town in Kansas! lnewton@lplks.org…
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Try this scan-tastic quiz

You automate a good effort at this quiz or people will think you're a has-bin. If you've ever sent a book, DVD, magazine, or album into the returns slot at the library, you may have wondered what's going on with the contraption that whisks the items away. The Materials Sorter is indeed an intriguing member…
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Materials Sorter Trivia

The average number of items processed by the library's materials sorter per hour is 307! That's according to counts from June and July of 2018 and based on the number of hours the sorter was switched on. Over the course of those two months, the sorter processed a whopping total of 195,401 items. We never…
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