Family Read-a-likes!

Hello, Lawrence Library Lovers! I have a problem, and I'm wondering if anyone else can relate. I come from a very bookish family and when I was younger, I was constantly being told I couldn't read the vampire/action/romance books my parents read, because they were a little "mature" for me. Now that I am an…
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Rompy Reads

  Spring has sprung, and when I get joyously happy about the weather, I generally want to grab a fun read that’s perfect for sun-lounging. Here are three books – in three different genres – that are ideal for a sunlit afternoon filled with rompy adventure and funtimes. Now when I describe these books as rompy…
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Author Spotlight: Juliet Marillier

Juliet Marillier primarily writes adult fantasy, though she has also published two young adult fantasy series. Her work often combines fantasy with historical fiction, folklore, romance, and mystery in her most recent series. A New Zealander by birth, Marillier now lives in Western Australia, where, when she isn’t writing, she likes to spend her free…
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