I’m Game

Every time I walk past the library’s new circulating board game collection, I remember all the spinners, dice, and busted game box corners in the basements of my childhood. We played the classics—Chinese Checkers, Connect 4, Risk—but also games that date me, based on TV shows I loved as a '70’s kid, like CHiPs and…
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The Books Behind the Board Games

You’ve heard it before: the library isn’t just for books. With only a library card, you can check out movies, music, and more. We’re always trying to expand what exactly that “more” encompasses, creating new collections for everyone to enjoy, and our latest addition is particularly exciting. Dust off your dice, because it’s time for…
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New Board Game Collection

Starting Monday, May 14, you can check out board games from the library. Located in the Atrium, our new, all-ages collection includes both modern and popular classics that focus on strategy, role playing, and cards. "There are all sorts of people I would have never met or known, if not for bridge." —Peg Kaplan Board games are…
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