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Peer Support Specialists

Feeling down, lonely, or just need to vent?

We're here to listen without judgement and offer support. Share what’s going on in your life, what goals you’re working toward, or simply vent if you’re struggling. Find us wearing a "Talk to Me" button, grab a coffee, and pull up a chair. Peer Support is free, informal, and confidential.

2019 Peer Support social 4 Theresa


After experiencing the death of someone I loved to suicide, along with finding my own recovery path from mental health struggles, I’ve found that connection to community is pivotal. I believe deeply that each person deserves to feel cared about and accepted.

Library Lobby
TUE | 9 AM-2 PM
THU | 3-8 PM
SUN | 1-6 PM

Atrium Study Room
If I’m alone, come in!
TUE | 10 AM-1 PM
THU | 4-7 PM
SUN | 2-5 PM

2019 Peer Support social 3 Derek


I’m an artist, musician, and single father raising two boys. Through my recovery from childhood trauma, loss, and abuse, I’m able to use my experiences and accomplishments as tools to help others.

Library Lobby
MON | 9 AM-2 PM
THU | 9 AM–2 PM
FRI | 9 AM–2 PM

Atrium Study Room
If I’m alone, come in!
MON | 10 AM–12 PM
THU | 10 AM–12 PM
FRI | 10 AM–12 PM

2019 Peer Support social 2 Isabelle


I’m a student at KU, a lover of new experiences, and an ally. My mental health recovery has given me hope and the tools I need to help others.

Library Lobby
MON | 3-4:30 PM, 6-8 PM
TUE | 4:30-8 PM
FRI | 2-5 PM

Atrium Study Room
If I’m alone, come in!
MON | 4:30-6 PM
TUE | 3-4:30 PM
FRI | 5-7 PM

Peer Group email: LPL Peer Support

Phone: 785-330-8141

About our Peer Support Services

Peer support is a service available to you as a patron of Lawrence Public Library. The primary goal of peer support is to help you (1) build hope and (2) live with autonomy. Building hope and autonomy are necessary for recovery from any mental health concern.

Peers are current or past consumers of mental health services who are in recovery or have recovered. They model their personal experience with mental health while providing social and emotional support.

Services are self-directed. When you meet with your peer, you can express what’s going on in your life, goals to work toward, or simply vent if you’re struggling. Peer support staff recognize that you are the expert authority in your life.

Peer support services can look different from person-to-person, day-to-day. Usually, services occur in community settings, such as coffee shops, restaurants, or libraries. Most often, peer support will listen and offer occasional guidance.

Services do vary depending on your specific goals. For example, if you’d like to address substance use concerns, your peer might accompany you to a SMART Recovery meeting (here at the library) or give you information on a 12-step group. In talking with peer support, you may also decide to focus on daily living objectives, including budgeting, gaining employment, or obtaining housing.

For more information about the library's role in this partnership contact:

Melissa Fisher Isaacs
Information Services Coordinator
785-843-3833 x 113

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