New Board Game Collection

Get more facetime with friends and family at your next slumber party, weekend getaway, or afternoon at the Replay.

Starting Monday, May 14, you can check out board games from the library. Located in the Atrium, our new, all-ages collection includes both modern and popular classics that focus on strategy, role playing, and cards.

"There are all sorts of people I would have never met or known, if not for bridge."Peg Kaplan

Board games are obvious boredom busters, but there are lots of healthy reasons to add more Catan, Connect 4, or Exploding Kittens to your life:

  • It's a great way to unplug this summer
  • Increases brain function
  • Reduces stress
  • Shiny, happy feelings due to endorphin release
  • Builds stronger relationships through human contact
  • Can lower blood pressure
  • Teaches goal-setting and patience
  • Enhances your creativity and confidence

Push Play.

  • Board games check out just like everything else — at the self-check kiosk
  • You can borrow (1) board game per library card at a time
  • You can place holds on our board games
  • Games check out for 2 weeks
  • Renewals are cool if the game isn't on hold for someone else

Game Over.

  • Return board games to our Accounts Desk
  • Missing piece? Just let Accounts staff know when you return the game

Help us add more games.

Games you can choose from:

7 Wonders, Apples to Apples, Bull Moose 1912 Election Game, Cards Against Humanity, Catan, Codenames, Concept, Connect 4, Cross Ways, Dark Seas, Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis & Clark, Dixit, Dragonwood, Elysum, Exploding Kittens, Favor of the Pharaoh, Jenga, Luna, Matter, New York 1901, Out of Context, Parfum, Porta Nigra, Potion Explosion, Quantum, Rattle Battle, Revolution!, Risk, Small World, Smash Up Munchkin, Space Movers 2201, Superfight, Tail Feathers, Terra, The King’s Armory: The Tower Defense Board Game, The Voting Game, Thunderbirds Co-Operative Board Game, Tigris & Euphrates, Timeline: Inventions, Treking The National Parks, Unita, Uno, Wise and Otherwise, Wit’s End, Wits & Wagers