Events and Services Welcome

Get your info into rotation on our Community Bulletin Board.

There's plenty to do in Lawrence and lots of know-how floating around, and we want to help you spread the word. In order to give everyone's flyers high visibility and plenty of time for people to absorb the information, we've got a few guidelines to follow.

  • Your event/service must occur in Douglas County
  • Check in at our Welcome Desk
  • Staff will get your flyer into rotation for date stamping
  • If approved (meets date, quantity, and location guidelines) your flyer will post in 1-3 days*
  • Items without an LPL date stamp will be removed


  • Posts are limited to events and services only
  • Limit 1 post/month per person, club, group, etc.
  • Be respectful of others.
  • Don't cover up or remove others' posts.
  • Events may be posted 1 month/30 days prior to the event date

*Content that is verbally, sexually, or violently graphic will not be posted