3 Ways to D.I.Y.

The sky is the limit with D.I.Y. stuff from your library

Whether your D.I.Y. project is massive or microscopic, LPL has your back with resources that will lend some giddy-up to your journey.

Why learning is magical
If self-initiated learning comes naturally to you, congratulations! You're among 74% of adults who are "personal learners" according to the Pew Research Centeropens a new window:

Personal learners: 74% of adults did at least one of these activities in the past yearPersonal learners get benefits from their activities

For those who may be skeptical that taking on the task of learning a new skill isn't worth your time, consider that lifelong learning is tied to life satisfaction. Isn't that what we're all striving for? When you're continually learning, you feel more capable navigating through the whole gamut of situations life throws at you. The mere act of hypothesizing about which subject or skill you'd like to learn next requires you to look at what you'll need to accomplish your life goals. Beyond adding perspective to your life, learning opportunities typically bring on new friendships, volunteer opportunities, and an overall deeper connection to the community.

3 Ways to D.I.Y. with the library

The path from self-starter to "I'm self-taught" can be a tough one. It can be easier, though, when you're armed with resources from the library. Here are three ways you can tap into those resources.

#1 Go to D.I.Y.-friendly events

Always on deck at LPL

It's easy to access hands-on learning opportunities at LPL. You can come to one of many of our events that help you learn a new skill like gardeningopens a new window, web design with HTMLopens a new window & CSSopens a new window, and writingopens a new window. At the Sound + Vision Studio, you can attend programs intended to familiarize youopens a new window with the basics of audio and visual production, so you can utilize the studio independently by booking the space to fiddle with the modular synthesizer, Adobe software, or sound equipment inside the recording studio.


#2 Ask an expert or consult a book

Info Services

At LPL, we have a group of folks who spend their entire workday dedicated to information pushing. The Info Services team is always at your beck and call if you want a list of books to get you started on a particular topic, or help you locate solid info if you find you've parsed through ALL THE SITES trying to sell you stuff but come up empty-handed on accurate information. Fun fact: There's such a thing as an information professionalopens a new window, and the library is crawling with them. They just want to fetch you the most accurate, helpful information possible. Make them happy and ask them to fetch some info!Buttoncontact info services

 The info services web page is a good one-stop-shop for checking out books full of facts, factoids, logic, instructions, guides, manuals, maps, blueprints, know-how and how-to. With an armload of physical books, a smartphone memory card full of ebooks, or an earful of audio books on the topic of your choice, you'll feel certain you're ready to tackle that next leg of the journey.
Click here for the Info Services Home page and its resources for education

#3 Hit up streaming services

You could do this D.I.Y. project the old-fashioned way: Watch YouTube tutorials. Ok, good luck with that! Actually, YouTube is a really good platform for to learning a very specific, hands-on skill like how to use a laminatoropens a new window (really compelling footage there). But if you need to learn a process at a deeper level, from foundation to mastery, YouTube just isn't going to cut it.

Let's say you want to learn to design a newsletter for your P.T.O. If you do a cold Google on that, you'll be wading in ads up to your neck before you arrive at some instruction for using self-publishing software, and, even then, you'll probably have to hand over your credit card info for a free trial period. Don't go that route. If you rely on a guy in Cleveland sharing his go-to newsletter method in a YouTube video, there's a teeny bit of a chance that guy is not a design expert. Why not get the best instruction available?

Use Lynda
If visual learning is your thing, Lynda will quickly become your thing, too. Lynda.com is a subscription-based online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. The library provides Lynda video tutorials at no cost to library patrons. Register to use Lynda with your email address and library card number and PIN, and get started perusing the Lynda video library of engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts.

Click here for more Lynda tutorials and to make your Lynda account using your library card

Use Kanopy
Okay, Lynda is great! But maybe you have a different thing you want to learn about that Lynda doesn't offer. Chances are, Kanopy, the library's streaming video serviceopens a new window, offers exactly what you need. You can learn from watching a documentary or take a video course from The Great Courses without having to pay tuition. In fact, it's available through the library at no cost. Here are some examples of the courses offered:

Buttonkanopy courses