Music For Filling Spaces and Emptying Your Head

Originally referred to in its infancy as furniture music, background music, environmental music, or simply minimalist, ambient music is a genre of music that focuses entirely on the tone, emotion, texture, and feeling of sound rather than any specific theoretical or structured approach. Through its various incarnations over the years, composers and musicians have morphed…
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New Teen Staff

A lot has changed for the Teen Zone at the Lawrence Public Library. You may spy some new faces once it opens again. We are fully staffed! Who are they, you ask? Let’s find out! Kristin (They/Them) Teen Services Assistant  @ Favorite Genre(s): Magical Realism Favorite Books at the Moment: Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars…
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Booktoberfest is Coming!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that we adults have fond memories of reading as a child. Participating in The Book It Program to get that Pizza Hut pizza. That decadent feeling when teachers allowed us “special reading time” on bean bag chairs at school. Giggling over getting caught reading with a flashlight under the…
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