Reading helps (temporarily) satisfy my ever-present wanderlust, become a more empathetic human, and add fuel to the fire that is my curious mind. I’m a bit of a book juggler, I always have library fines and I rarely leave the house without a book in tow.

Historical fiction, apocalyptic fiction, westerns, short stories, non-fiction, literary fiction and poetry frequent my radar. I’m most attracted to stories that have a strong sense of place or are character-driven. I seek books that evoke nostalgia and I’m hooked if the setting includes the High Plains, southwest or mountains. For non-fiction, I enjoy books that take complex topics like neuroscience and land issues and make them appealing and approachable to the every-day-Jane. 

You can count on me to always carry a deck of cards and an Audubon bird whistle. At any given time, chances are pretty darn good that rocks, debris from pinecones and other such natural phenomena are floating around my pockets. I blame my nephews (ages 2-5) and my father (age 70) for this habit of going on walks and gathering curious objects that catch my eye. Nature or nurture? Luckily, I know just the place I can find out more information about these potentially inherited quirks...THE PUBLIC LIBRARY! 

When I’m not reading, I enjoy hiking, camping, writing letters, gardening and scootin’ around on my bike.

Next time you’re at the library and you see me, please share a book recommendation and your favorite spot to explore outside. While we’re at it, I’ll gladly hear (and snort-laugh at) a good joke.

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