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Lawrence Picks: The Many Hats of the Mighty King

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Stephen King is one of my favorite authors and without a doubt one of the most prolific wordsmiths of my generation. Cranking out 58 novels, six nonfiction books, and over 200 short stories in his 45 year long career, he is a veritable machine. He is often described as the King of Horror, and for good reason, but super fans like myself know he is so, so much more than that. That's why I have compiled this list of some of King's best work, as well as some lesser known titles that showcase his stunning range as an author.

Originally published in the form of a serial novel, this book accomplished an amazing feat by having all six original volumes on the New York Times Bestseller list before it was published as a single volume work. Although it is categorized as horror, I believe it falls more into the magical realism genre. The story of John Coffey, a death row inmate at Stone Mountain Penitentiary, will make and break your heart.

Stephen King wrote a romance? Well, sort of. As you might expect, it's not your average love story. And it doesn't have a happy ending. Or happy middle or beginning either. But here King paints a marriage and a love that I believed in, real and raw.

I think this is the first post apocalyptic novel I ever read. And boy is it tough to beat. When a mutated strain of super-flu wipes out 99% of the world's population in a matter of weeks, the survivors fall under two leaderships, one light and one dark. The choices they make along the way will ultimately decide the fate of humanity. This is the quintessential battle of good versus evil and an all time favorite of many King fans.

Sometime in 2010 King decided he would not be left out of the fun of the time travel craze and produced this novel about a man's quest to thwart the assassination of JFK. This book is impeccably researched, nostalgic and suspenseful.

When an unknown assailant runs down a large group of people in a stolen Mercedes, in what is thought to be a calculated and likely to be repeated crime, a cop comes out of his listless retirement to hunt him down. If he fails, Mr. Mercedes could go on to kill thousands more, packing this murder mystery with extra punch.

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